Level 3 Affiliate: referring new user to subscribe to Trading Signals

Trading signals are a way for inexperienced users to see the trades that successful investors are making in real-time. This helps new traders understand common indicators of future price action better, as well as to copy the expert trader’s trades if they believe it will be profitable.

Since we don’t filter the trading signals, it’s up to users to let each other know which signals are profitable and which ones aren’t. The first way to judge a trader’s signals is by reviewing their profile and seeing how much XP and achievements they’ve earned since joining the simulator. The second way is by word of mouth, through referrals.

As a Level 3 Affiliate, you’ll earn a 10% bonus of the fee invested by each user who subscribes to signals using your affiliate link. But be careful: referring users to poorly rated signals will hurt your reputation and make it difficult to sell signals in the future, so you should only refer people to signals that you are confident are of high quality.

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